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I'm Maurine

Part Designer

My first passion is design. 2001 is when I started my career with drive and determination to excel in the design field. My skills evolved into online animation and then interest in web design.

Part Coder

After 7 years in Graphic Design I returned to NWTC to pursue Web Development and Design. Learning to apply HTML and CSS with graphics has helped me stay current with technology trends.


Web Development & Design

I make things pretty. I am a creative minded individual with over 13 years of design experience. I add creative flare to websites, create logos and advertisements.

Graphic Design

My passion is HTML, CSS and PHP. I focus on creating precise designs that are easy to maintain, revise and expand within short deadlines.

Web Development & Design work

20 under 40

20 Under 40

Front end structure using BootStrap framework for responsive layout and design. Database development using mySQL to deliver candidate photos and information on an automated time line.

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Door County Magazine

Door County Magazine

Website Creation and maintenance. Developed and designed admin pages making quarterly updating more efficient through mySQL database. Responsive maps for consumers mobile usage.

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Graphic Design work


Logo design for online headers with no direction.


Designed Email Blasts for Vertically Social, based in Las Vegas, to promote their company.

Print Ads

Print ad designed with little direction under limited time frame.


Time Flyer
Get Lucky Flyer
Tradeshow Flyer

Print Ads

Zounds 6x10
Zounds 3x20
Zounds 6x3